"Start a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not turn from it." Proverbs 22:6


It can be a big change moving from pre-school to primary school. In Year 1 therefore, we spend a lot of time in first term making sure that children, learn the routines, understand what is expected from them, and most importantly, feel happy and secure in their new class. Whilst playful learning time is gradually reduced, the children still engage in lots of practical, hands on activities, using a range of resources to master different concepts and understand what they study.

In the following years the students are encouraged to undertake their work with a greater degree of independence together with advanced teaching methods and assessment tools. Students delve deeper into the core subjects; Numeracy, Literacy (English), Science and Humanities. Their skills in Information Communications Technology (ICT), Music, French, Art, Physical Education, Handwriting and Christian Religious Education are also cemented further. As part of the curriculum at Orel-Vine all primary students participate in the various clubs which incorporate additional modes of learning and skills development.


Throughout their time at Orel-Vine, our goal is to build a strong Christian and academic foundation for all our students. We hope that by the time they are in their final year of primary they have been molded into creative thinkers and innovators that are confident, morally intelligent and upright, academically competent and best of all put God at the center of their lives.