"Start a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not turn from it." Proverbs 22:6


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Orel-Vine was established in 2010 to cater for a community in need of an affordable Christian International school. The school motto is taken from Proverbs 22: 6, “Start a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not turn from it.” We believe that having a strong foundation both academic and Christian is paramount to having a prosperous future. At Orel-Vine we aim at providing a safe, caring and conducive learning environment, ensuring a high degree of personal and professional integrity, demonstrating Christian values for effective living in a changing world, encouraging exploratory learning approaches and encouraging excellence. Explore our website to find out more.

The Cambridge curriculum in comparison to other curricula aims to encourage the skills of independent research and investigation, the use of initiative and creativity and the application of knowledge and skills. Students therefore go further than simply having to recall knowledge but also apply it. In addition, with the Cambridge curriculum, a wide range of assessment techniques is used. Emphasis is placed on the use of externally marked examination papers to assess the students' learning and on compulsory practical work where appropriate.

The Cambridge Primary Programme helps teachers and parents gain a greater understanding of their children’s abilities, and their strengths and weaknesses. This is very important, as it helps teachers know which areas to focus on for each individual child. Part of the way teachers assess children’s abilities, is by using Primary Programme Progression Tests, which are marked by the teacher. These tests enable teachers to assess the children's learning.

All children who complete the Primary Programme receive a Certificate of Achievement at the end of their primary education. The Cambridge International Primary Programme used at Orel-Vine is an excellent framework for learning in the primary years and provides a solid foundation for progression to secondary education, including Cambridge IGCSE and O Level.

The academic year runs from September (or late August) and ends in June. However, new learners are welcome to enrol all year round.
Learners undergo continuous evaluation to aid practice and memory and also enhance knowledge application. Class work exercises, homework, mid term and end of term assessments, a comprehensive holiday package, are all tools used at Orel-Vine to monitor students' academic progress. Utlimately, students are made ready and confident enough to sit the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint exam.
As part of the curriculum, students engage in a number of activities and lessons that enable them explore various capabilities and nurture their talents. French club, public speaking, finanacial literacy, reading, music, dance, drama, guitar club, piano, jazz drums, and all forms of sport are some of the co-curricular club activities available for our students.
The environment at Orel-Vine is kept safe and condusive for the safety of every child. Cleanliness and hygiene are enforced strictly. However, in case a child gets injured playing or abruptly falls ill at school, our qualified full-time nurse is on hand to attend to these cases in the best way possible. Parents are informed of any serious injuries and are contacted if a doctor or hospital visit is advised. As part of school policy, children that are unwell should not be sent to school to avoid passing on infections to other children.