Here we are at the dusk of the pandemic, slowly getting back into the routines: school vans, kids breakfasts, and traffic jams. What is the point of it all? How are we to think about this crowded Kindergarten space? Should I be revisiting my decisions about my child’s school? Did I make the right decision, is it too late to change things? Why does your child study where they do? Kindergarten choices are more about philosophy than nice buildings and vans. We can all agree with that, the trick is living it out. We tend to fall for the grades, the convenience, the buildings. Yet there must be more.Early childhood is about curiosities, and rightly satisfying them. It is about the right community and tools. Leveraging technology to improve communication with parents has for example been cited as key in getting to know children better.What Orel Vine offers is a uniquely distinctive Christian education that surpasses mere appearances to help a child understand God, his word, and his world, alongside a quality international curriculum. We have raised the bar so you no longer have to ask, what does my child need to thrive as a full human? A Christian Worldview & A Cambridge Education Our answer is simple, our Cambridge education is internationally acclaimed for its resourcefulness in Mathematics, English, and Science frameworks. To that, we add a Christian understanding of education, namely. This world is God’s, and he has not left us to ourselves. You don’t need to look further if you are perplexed about the best education fit for your toddler. Orel Vine Schools stand tall at pre-school and primary level in preparing your little ones for the world to come – based on the Word of God and one of the best curricula in the world, Cambridge International. Why haven’t you enrolled yours today? Shall we talk soon about what all this looks like for your child? We hope so.Again, we would love to ask, why does your child study where they do?