Delwyn finds lava tiger inside mount. Elgon, Uganda, Africa and other magnificent discoveries.

Picture by Jakson Cruse.

Despite all unusual creatures found like the colour changing shark, Delwyn finds a lava tiger in the mount. Elgon, Uganda. This mysterious animal was taken for tests and scientists found out its blood is literally magma and skin is made of molten rock. It can also breath fire and spit acidic lava. Delwyn and his family become billionaires for this magnificent discovery.

Challenges Delwyn faced during these discoveries.

Delwyn had very many challenges in these discoveries. There were times where they were attacked by unfriendly territories. There were food shortages and attacks from wild animals. Delwyn always traveled in a team so some died during the attacks.

All in all Delwyn made magnificent discoveries and up to now he still makes discoveries.

His advice to all is that nothing is too big or too small for any one.

Article by Josh White. P.5.                                           

15 September, 2020.

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